River Title Company is a partnership between Attorney Michael W. Vogel and Susan Vogel Flynn. We are a local, family owned business dedicated to Christian values and principals. As owners, we are committed to donate to non-profit organizations and Christian ministries throughout our community and world wide. Proceeds from every order are contributed on a regular basis.

As a practicing attorney, Michael Vogel, Vogel Law Firm LTD., understands the importance of detailed and accurate data and the analysis required to produce accurate searches, title commitments and final insurance policies. As an agent for First American Title Insurance Co., River Title Company can provide expertise  prior  to  and  during  the  closing ensuring that each transaction is managed timely and accurately. In addition, Susan brings more than 25 years of customer service and leadership experience, along with specific training in the title insurance industry.

As a value added service to our clients, Attorney Michael Vogel is involved with transactions. Michael's review of searches, commitments and final policies, along with his contribution to the closing process is an added value to our services. His experience with Real Estate transactions and Real Estate law is a critical asset and benefit to you, our clients.

Below is a list of the strengths River Title Company brings to you and the ways in which we can serve you better. You’ll get a team that:

* Completes proficient real estate transactions
* Produces Title Commitments promptly
* Emphasizes detail, accuracy and quality
* Provides professional, respectful service
* Treats you and/or your clients with dignity and exceptional care
* Conducts efficient closings
* Issues final policies within 30 days

River Title Company primarily serves the needs of Southern Wisconsin, with an emphasis in, but not limited to all communities in Rock County, Wisconsin.

Please consider River Title Company for your next real estate transaction. You will not be disappointed in the level of service and the drive for perfection and professionalism that you will receive when River Title Company is involved.